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Ever wanted to edit Word, Excel or PowerPoint from within MVC Web Application just like Sharepoint?

IMPORTANT: This particular implementation was built for Forms Authentication or Anonymous Authentication Only

ALSO IMPORTANT: By no means I claim that I wrote a WebDav server from scratch. I used a great open source project. Sadly, it has not been updated since 2010. I modified and fixed some bugs along the way.

Two file handles are provided:

File System Handler --> files are stored on a file system (local, network share etc.)

Azure Storage Handler --> files are stored in Azure Storage (blob)

You can easily add your own handlers to keep files in SQL, Amazon etc.

Please see demo here:


I chose to implement my file handlers as IHttpHandler in order to have it respond not to every request like IHttpModule does, but to a specific location defined in web.config


WebDav will answer to requests either from browser or an Office application if request is made to a url that contains /wordstorage/ in it. It is up to you how you want to handle doc.docx or fileid=GUID retrieval.


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